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Empowerment Through Hypnosis

Welcome To Galaxy Hypnosis


Hypnosis & Trance are very natural states of focused attention that you utilize in your everyday life activities; Walking, Reading, Watching TV, Playing Sports, Listening to Music, and even Driving our Vehicles. 

When we allow ourselves to flow into these natural states of focus we enable our subconscious mind to facilitate changes with-in our belief systems. Our belief systems are what we have chosen to define our world in terms of what is right and wrong, possible or impossible, and defining good or bad influences and people.  How we view the world is seen and defined by the lens of our belief systems. 

Have you ever gotten upset with someone in your life for something they did or did not do?  Consciously we take everything in stride. do our best to shake it off and keep going. However,  subconsciously we have a way of trying to compartmentalize, bottle things up until we can't hold it in any further. 

In hypnotic trance, we connect with your subconscious mind to assist in releasing beliefs that are no longer valid and to help create a new flow for you. In essence, we assist you in creating balance in every day life.  

 Your mind is the most powerful tool you, and together we can assist you in making those changes and shifts you've been wanting to make. 

Hypnosis Services

• Addiction - Relapse Prevention   • Weight Loss
• Smoking Cessation
• Stress Management
• Pain Management
• Fears/Phobias
• Sleep Improvement
• Public Speaking
• Business Improvement
• Academic and Test Improvement
• Sports Improvement
• Self Confidence
• Unwanted Habits
• Self-Hypnosis
• Pre and Post Surgery Fears
• Addiction Relapse Recovery      

   and much more....

Here are Galaxy, we have created specialty one on one programs , to assist you in every stage of life. 

Know where you would like to focus and flow?? 

Specialty Programs

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