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Hypnosis for Pain management is used in many areas of the medical world. The Subconscious (SC) mind is the manager of how we experience all physical sensations; warmth, cold, pleasure, and pain. We work with your SC mind to decrease the level of discomfort. We only work on Chronic Pain and usually with a doctors referral. Research has shown medical hypnosis to be helpful for acute and chronic pain. In 1996, a panel of the NIH found hypnosis to be effective in easing cancer pain. More recent studies have demonstrated its effectiveness for pain related to burns, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis & reduction of anxiety associated with surgery. An analysis of 18 studies by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York revealed moderate to large pain-relieving effects from hypnosis, supporting the effectiveness of hypnotic techniques for pain Management. Call 443-292-4279 today to schedule your free consultation.

Pain Management Program (3 Sessions)

SKU: 0013
  • This is a prepaid package of three hypnosis sessions focused on pain management. 

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