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Past Life 


What is Past Life Explorations & Regression?

Whether you are seeking answers in your current life or simply curious about the possibilities, a past life  regression allows you to reconnect to your soul during any time and space of existence. Past life memories are personal stories of the soul that may explain who you are now. Utilizing past life regression, you will be able to better understand who you were and may be able to heal the soul by healing the past.

Benefits of Past Life Explorations 

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past.  But for most, it’s a path for personal growth and healing. With the help of a trained guide, past life regression can help you:  


  • See personal relationships in a new light

  • Energize talents and abilities from the past

  • Understand and align with life purpose

  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

  • Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems

  • Experience the transitional states of death and beyond

How Do We Journey Into The Past?

Past Life Regression Timeline

While in a light trance, with one of our trained hypnotists as your guide, you experience each past life yourself.  You see it, sense it, and feel it.  You are the central character deeply involved in the past life story.

Past life regression is healing.  You were born not as a blank slate, but as a soul rich with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.

We all carry memories from past lives into this life–unconscious memories that continue to affect us. They can be things left undone, vows made, accomplishments, failures, mistakes, success, guilt, gratitude, traumatic and sudden deaths, wisdom, and love.

These unconscious memories from the past set up patterns which are continually triggered and repeated in our present life. These patterns can be positive or negative. They can affect our relationships, behaviors, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health. 

By making these memories conscious, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us, freeing us to live more fully in the present. 

Contact us at 443-292-4279 to schedule a one on one session or to sign up for an upcoming group past life regression event.

Past Life Journeys

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Past Life Regression 

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Terms and Conditions

Recipient may redeem the Gift Certificate in whole or part by scheduling a session by phone or email.  


Recipient may redeem Gift Certificates for in-office, telephonic, or video teleconference sessions.

Recipients will be expected to pay any balance due on the first session. 

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for any product not session related. 

Gift Certificates are refundable; however the credit will remain in the Purchaser's account until the recipient redeems the certificate. If the Recipient is not interested in redeeming the credit, the name will be voided, and and the Purchaser may apply the credit to their own or a family member's use.


Pre-Paid session packages are offered to you at a discount to the single session rate ($125 per session) with the understanding that you will complete all sessions in the package. Requesting a refund of a Pre-Paid Session Package or Program will void the discount and all used session will be charged at the single session rate of $125.

Give the gift of hypnotic past lives explorations! 

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