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Hypnosis helps you address the depression at the subconscious level : Addressing the whole person, 100% of the mind rather than just treating the symptoms. It identifies "unfinished business". i.e., unresolved feelings, resentments, regrets, blame, anger, guilt, jealousy, and fear are stored in the body and must be released as soon after the triggering event as possible. 3. Hypnosis works for depression because it removes the underlying foundation of the depression & completes the unfinished business. It helps you process the "unfinished business" and release the stored emotions/experiences. 4. It helps you replace the trauma with positive. 5. It uses the power of hypnotic suggestion to create long-term improvement. Consistent research and methodology refinement has allowed hypnosis to progress as an advanced form of therapy to the point where it is now regularly considered as a treatment option for depression. Call 443-292-4279 today to schedule your free consultation.

Depression Program (4 Sessions)

SKU: 0004
  • This is a prepaid package of Four hypnosis sessions focused on overcoming Depression. 

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