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Surgery preparation is not just for your body. Your mind is a major contributor to the physical recovery process. A person's state of mind prior to surgery is always a critical factor in the speed of the recovery. Many people are terrified of the surgery and enter the process with anxiety and fear. The mind body connection then translates that anxiety into tense muscles, rigid body response, and automatic immune responses that can slow the recovery process. We have had excellent results with our pre- and post surgery clients. We usually do the initial session prior to the procedure and then one afterward to help expedite the healing process when we have a better idea of the surgery details and results.

Pre/Post Surgery (3 Session)

SKU: 0009
  • This is a prepaid package of three hypnosis sessions focused on mental preparation for the medical procedure.  These sessions works to decrease anxiety, instill client calm, and enhance confidence in the medical team.  

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