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Pressure, tension and ‘hypertension’ all give your body a different experience inside, which can often feel as if it’s out of your control. We’re often led to believe the only way to cope with blood pressure problems or hypertension is to take medication. Hypnosis works in bringing body back to basics of relaxation, the body calmly and slowly reaches its own natural balance of harmony because hypnosis helps us to reach that deeper level of calm. From taking deeper breathes and getting more oxygen into your body; to just being there and living in the moment, instead of being concerned about yesterday or tomorrow. We will provide you with drug-free hypnotic tools that will help you become more focused, calm, and balanced. That relief alone with begin the process of lower blood pressure and inner peace.

High Blood Pressure & White Coat Syndrome (3 Sessions)

SKU: 0010
  • This is a prepaid package of three hypnosis sessions focused on reducing and controling high blood pressure. 

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