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The Gift of Positive Change 

Gift Certificates are a unique, personal, and thoughtful way to jump start a person's transformational journey. These elegant certificates make wonderful gifts. Imagine giving the gift of self-empowerment for your loved one, friend or colleague.  

You can gift any amount starting at $25 (i.e., $ 75, $100, $250) or you can choose to gift a complete Program or Pre-Paid Package of Sessions. (i.e., Stop Smoking $375, Virtual Gastric Band $1.200, Stress Release $300,

etc..)  Please call if you have questions about our programs, or a topic not listed on this page.  


Galaxy Hypnosis Pre-Paid Session Packages 

Often it is most cost-effective to purchase a Pre-Paid Session package for yourself or as a family resource. Many of our hypnosis programs deal with situations that affect both an individual as well as other family members. We offer pre-paid session packages which offer a discount on our single session cost ($150.00). If you want to purchase a pre-paid session package for a number of sessions not shown please call 443-292-4279 and we will assist you. 

Click on the Option Below


Session Package (3 Sessions) $360

Session Package (6 Sessions) $720

Session Package (8 Sessions) $960

Session Package (10 Sessions) $1020


Terms and Conditions

The recipient may redeem the Gift Certificate in whole or part by scheduling a session by phone or email. A consultation may be needed and in some cases, a medical professionals referral may be required.

The recipient may redeem Gift Certificates for in-office, telephonic, or video teleconference sessions.

Gift Certificates may be used to offset the cost of multiple sessions such as Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, any other program. Recipients will be expected to pay any balance due on the first session. 

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for any product not session related. 

Gift Certificates are refundable; however, the credit will remain in the Purchaser's account until the recipient redeems the certificate. If the Recipient is not interested in redeeming the credit, the name will be voided, and the Purchaser may apply the credit to their own or a family member's use.


Pre-Paid session packages are offered to you at a discount to the single session rate ($125 per session) with the understanding that you will complete all sessions in the package. Requesting a refund of a Pre-Paid Session Package or Program will void the discount and all used sessions will be charged at the single session rate of $150.

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