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Stress Management &
Anxiety Reduction Program

Anxiety and Stress Relief

3 Sessions - $ 300

Anxiety is an intricate part of of our human survival response. It is ignited when we become hyper-vigilant for more than a short time. It is used to help up respond to danger. When it is triggered for extended periods of tome the anxiety creates an unimaginable strain on our energy resources used for live our daily lives. Anxiety degrades our ability to respond appropriately to everyday situations, it makes even mundane activities impossible to participate in. Medications to help you deal with anxiety numb all of your responses and have been reported to be worse than the anxiety itself. We provide you with drug-free hypnotic tools to greatly reduce and better manage the anxiety you have been experiencing. We work with you to identify the source, and better manage, this unwanted response. This is an area that we have much experience in helping people, the majority of our clients come to us for stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

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