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Sexual Response


 Performance Programs

Sexual Response and Perfromance Enhancement

6 Sessions - $600

Sex is one of the most healthy activities we enjoy, it exercises the body & triggers positive hormones that relieves stress & pain. When life's issues overcome us to the point of affecting this balance it makes the struggle to recover even harder. Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their lifetime, sometimes these issues resolve themselves. Sexual response & performance concerns can happen at anytime; they can suddenly occur without warning or gradually occur. It is important to have you see your doctor to rule out physical factors that might be the cause. Hypnotherapy has a proven track record at helping individuals to release negative or limiting beliefs that inhibit sexual performance and/or response. Professional and/or personal stresses can hold us as emotional hostages and prohibit our bodies from performing as we expect or desire. We will assist you in identifying the cause & resolving the issue using drug-free hypnotic techniques free yourself.

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