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Fear & Phobia 
Release Program


3 Sessions - $300

Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in treating phobias. By finding and removing the specific cause of the fear or phobia, allows a person to feel so much better, and by providing more control in situations, where they will feel more comfortable. It is estimated that 10% of the population have to deal with a fear of phobia, and most will not seek treatment, as it does not affect them very often. Most people avoid situations where the fear/phobia is a problem. For some people it can be seriously debilitating. People with phobias will either go to great lengths to avoid whatever it is they fear, or they will tolerate it with considerable anxiety. For some people, a phobia can trigger panic attacks. In severe cases the phobia can end up literally controlling a person’s life. We help you take back control of your emotional response and your life.

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