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Hypnotist, Author & Hostess with the Mostest

Sondra Lambert 

Professional Encourager Hypnotist, Author & Aura Photographer 

Hi My name is Sondra Lambert. I am inviting you to step into the world of wonder that I began to explore and create several years ago.  

What began as a curiosity has become an opportunity of living this life to its fullest pretty much as it is from moment to moment with a perspective of  "What more is possible?" and "How does it get better than this?"

I have a living breathing imagination that reaches into the core level of my heart. 

Living passionately with the belief that it is a gift to be able to create change within myself as an escort for others to do the same.  All of this is possible by creating a safe sacred place to work.  Join me and together we will change your inner landscape, The way you experience this world will also shift and transform around you. 


I am here for you.  Let's do this 

Services & Specialties 

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Ancestors Within

Get your free PDF  of  "Planting a Family Tree in the Land of Your Fathers workbook"

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30-minute free consultation coupon. Create unique small business Aura Photo-based audio, video, and screen capture recordings with us


Aura Photo

Click here for your free Color Personality profile report. Eleven colors, each containing 18 different description categories. 

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One more is our gift to you.   

Add another session to any package with zero additional cost. 

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Click here for your free PDF of "In Trance Hypnosis from the Subject's Point of View" 

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