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Ancestors Within

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Land of My Fathers

Author - Sondra Lambert

Have you been looking for a practical way to connect your day to day life with your ancestors? Sondra Lambert has made it pretty simple for you. Step my Step instructions on the preparation and celebration of planting a family tree in the land of your fathers. Its as easy as collecting the family dirt, keeping track of the details and then creating a lasting memory . This is both a guide and record keeping journal. You will take the literal steps toward visiting your family's history, homesteads and or graves. This book encourages you to learn their stories, identify with their lives and honor them as you stand the ground that they once stood upon. You will collect soil that represents each family member, catalog it properly , take appropriate notes , honoring them along your journey. Then when the time is right gather together for a ceremonial planting of the family tree in the land of your fathers. Tell the stories in such a way that those gathered feel their identity shift , inspiring their curiosities to learn even more. This book is intended to by a guide for your records keeping and a journal for your journey Enjoy

My Gift To You

Land of Our Fathers- 

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