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In  Trance

Hypnosis from the Subject's

Point of View

Have you ever wondered “What’s it like to be hypnotized?”


This book In Trance is Sondra's remarkable story of her life from within the hypnotic experience. You will laugh, cry and watch in amazement as Sondra takes you along thru her personal journey of discovery and healing. She states “You will see me at my most vulnerable and at my most victorious. “.


Hypnosis provides access to building a partnership with the part of you who knows you best. Your Subconscious. Within this partnership positive change is possible as it shifts your perspective just enough to allow transformation to happen. Sondra Lambert is a Nationally Certified Hypnotist who chose to become a hypnotherapist after she experienced profound and deeply personal freedom as a hypnosis subject. This is her story, one she shares from her heart to yours.















"My story will not be yours, but the journey,  the healing, the courage, and the transformation, are all within your reach. 

Trance in Action
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