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So what is my Aura and where are my Chakras?


Everything is made up of energy , many energies actually. 

Energy is constant vibration. Vibration creates frequencies, lots of them.  Color is defined by the frequency being generated at any given time.  Some of those colors we can see with our physical eyes , however most auric frequencies can only be picked up by a scanner.  Some people can see Aura colors but most of us can not.  

Aura Photo brings to you the phenomena of  Energy  meets Science meets Technology .  

Ok so you can now see your Aura.  You may ask, so what , who cares. 

   Each of these colors and the blends they create carry a powerful personality profile of sorts.  It is an energetic signature that when compared with you and your life gives you a unique awareness .   I do suggest inviting your Imagination to join you for a fresh perspective .  and honestly this is just fun. 

Your Aura is also constantly shifting, changing and transforming.  Sometimes all it takes is to become aware of something , then you can take that fresh perspective and create something new from it. 


Everything is not only energy but all things are also driven by energy.  Electricity for your house, gasoline for your car  and yep you guessed it  Charkas for your body.  

    We all have a physical body with arms, legs, ears and toe nails.  We also each have an emotional body that senses, feels , processes how we feel and why .  The energies of our emotional bodies  often control the quality of our life and how we process much of what we experience.  We all have a mental body whose job is to think, to keep us alert, awake and aware of the world we live during our day to day lives as human beings on planet earth.  Then there is our Spirit body which houses and hold what we believe and why.  I'm not talking about religion here, I am speaking of what we believe is possible or not possible .

All of this runs on some pretty intense energy.  Luckily for us we have power stations positioned throughout our bodies to house and hold the balance of those powers that runs our energetic systems. 

Keeping this explanation easy there are 7 major Charkas  (energy power stations) within our bodies.  Each lines up only our spine , each with specific and particular areas of service for each of the bodies I just outlines.  

They all have frequency and therefore color .  They spin and keep our balance and alignment in check.  ish

Charkas are our internal energy systems all connected to each other for maximum life support. 

So seeing them is pretty cool and knowing how the energy is flowing may be key to your personal well-being