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The following are the qualities associated with ORANGE-YELLOW personalities:


Area  Description                                                                                                    .                           


Physical Grounded, focused on own reality, physical stamina, determination,   endurance, form and shape physical reality, creative.


Emotional Strength, stability, patience, mental playfulness, emotional suppression,   conservative, controlling, withdrawn.


Mental Logical, analytical, intellectual, detail oriented, patterns,  order, structure, stability, stubborn, single-minded.


Spiritual Study of higher wisdom, spiritual laws and order, God is thought.


Motivation Mental stimulation and creativity, detailed work and result oriented.


Mission/Vision Experience life in details, emotional openness, sensitivity, integrate heart.


Growth Detailed, step-by-step, precise, slow.


Exercise Jogging, bicycling, swimming.


Recharge battery Mental relaxation, focus, connect with their intuition,   trust inner feelings and guidance.


Communication Articulate, intellectual, detailed communication, think first, then talk.


Interaction Cautious, prefers safe environment and life, love intellectual discussions.


Relationships Roots, home, family security, companionship, care taking.


Social, Friends Community service, close to family, friends, deep commitments.


Sex, Intimacy Loyal, secure, stable partners, monogamous, conservative.


Money Security conscious, plan in great detail, sense of control.


Success Precise, detailed, perfectionist, perform intelligently.


Occupation Precise in work and expression, conservative, conventional, scientific.


Career Bring visions into reality, middle management, precise problem solving.





            Orange-Yellows are logical, analytical, detail oriented and creative personalities.  They are sequential thinkers, carefully processing every step they take.  Their basic need is to understand and analyze each individual step along the way before continuing on to the next level.


 Orange-Yellows strongest qualities are their clear intellectual and analytical properties. They like to create a solid foundation, which gives them security, and then build stone by stone until they eventually achieve their goals.  Virtually everything they do contains logic and methodology. They are constantly planning, trying to figure out how to reach the requirements of their goal.


            Their basic motivation is to analytically and intellectually understand life while interacting with other people.  Often they see life like a computer -- you get out of it what you program into it.


            Orange-Yellows mainly process life through their minds. They don't use their body and emotions nearly as much as most other color personalities.  They perceive nature or physical reality first through their analytical mind and then they act.


 Physical activities are not important to them.  They may only move their body if they find a good reason and are convinced about the benefits involved.


 If Orange-Yellow personalities are in harmony, they radiate stability, security and responsibility towards their fellow beings.  They are the most dependable people in the world who fulfill all tasks to the smallest detail with extreme efficiency.  Through their rational and practical abilities they can realize visionary ideas of other personality types and bring them into reality.  Orange-Yellows have a soothing and stabilizing effect on people and they are trustworthy and reliable.  They are also grounded and are considered to be realistic.


            Orange-Yellows are known to examine the details of everything they do.  When they work on a project, they need to see and understand all of its components before they feel safe and secure enough to participate.  Sometimes Orange-Yellows may not be able to see the whole picture because they are too intensely involved with the details.  But for them that doesn't matter.  Their unbelievable patience and tolerance allows them to spend hours on the same idea or project.


            Orange-Yellows love to play and tinker with electronic gadgets, cars, motorcycles, etc.  If they become involved with a project, they go into every detail and in most cases become experts in their field. Through patience, obstinacy and their love for detail, Orange-Yellows have developed computers, radios and other technical appliances.


In both expression and communication, Orange-Yellows are methodical and deliberate. They will divide and describe every situation in its most minute   detail.  Orange-Yellows are also careful with whom they express their deepest feelings and emotions.  They will only open up and share their innermost feelings with a select few, after they are convinced no one will hurt them or use the information against them.


            Orange-Yellows love to study and to learn.  They make perfect students because they are willing to spend the time, effort and energy to understand each detail, each aspect and each component.  Their challenge is to transcend an orderly, structured and rigid existence to the necessary openness to expand themselves, exploring the territories of their heart and their intuition.


            Orange-Yellow personalities may not like things that are unusual, extra-ordinary, abnormal or irregular.  They can easily become accustomed to old and repeated family or life patterns.  Their normal day is very routine with regular patterns and situations.


            It is often a challenge for them to go new ways, to accept new ideas or patterns or to encounter the unexpected.  Their secure lifestyle is attractive and their solid qualities and characteristics are appreciated and sought after in the business world, as well as society.


            Out-of-power Orange-Yellows can be stubborn, stuck, narrow-minded and extremely skeptical.  They can be overly analytical with a need to understand everything and to mentally be in control.  Whatever they can't prove or don't know may represent insecurity and instability, which may be hard for them to handle.  Their skepticism may not allow different opinions or points of view.  Sometimes, even when proof stares them in the face they can be obstinate and totally unwilling to change or alter their position or belief.


            Orange-Yellows who are unbalanced mainly think about or talk about their feelings.  However, they may hardly ever feel them in the real sense. Even trained experts such as psychologists or therapists that understand emotional concepts mentally, may have difficulty in living out their own emotions and feelings.  Orange-Yellows withdraw emotionally in stressful situations and then try to mentally analyze the situation.


            Their primary challenge is to get in touch with their own emotions and feelings.  They must learn to feel something, which cannot be analyzed and figured out.  Some Orange-Yellows don't want to face their emotions and feelings because they think that everything must be reduced to mind, logic and intellect.  Therefore they may solve most of their challenges with known, safe and tried methods.  They will feel safe with these established solutions.


            Because they may not know how to handle their emotions, Orange-Yellow personalities often suppress them as if they don't exist.  They may actually try to create ways to eliminate emotion from their lives, becoming uninvolved, withdrawn and cold toward others.  If OrangeYellows hold their rage, anger or sadness inside, they will become discouraged and depressed.  Their lesson is to express their feelings.


            Orange-Yellow personalities must learn to relax.  For them, letting go and stopping all the thoughts in their mind is a challenge.  They perceive themselves as mind and thought, and fear that if the mind ceases to function, they won't exist anymore.


            When Orange-Yellows understand that emotions and feelings are important parts of a human system, they will shift into a new center of power.  Without emotions, feelings, intuition, beliefs and spiritual ideas, humans would only be matter -- or at best, a computer.  Adopting a state of mind that integrates emotion and intuition is the first step for Orange-Yellows to grow and expand their possibilities.

            Spirituality to them means grasping and understanding the higher laws and concepts of life.  They have the capacity to comprehend spiritual knowledge and wisdom as a result of their skilled, analytical and precise mind.  For Orange-Yellows, the universe works within certain laws and orders, all of which can be logically explained and understood.  They will only accept magical, mystical ideas, or psychic and spiritual phenomena after they have carefully examined them and they are convinced of their validity.  For them, beliefs are based upon hands-on proof and the concept of, "seeing is believing."


            Orange-Yellows prefer spiritual practices, which offer specific laws, rules and regulations that carry a sense of security and safety.  For them, spirituality is related to high ethical values, justice, principles and perfection.  God remains a mental concept -- the ultimate thought. They can understand what God or Spirituality actually is, but their challenge is to feel it. The major test for Orange-Yellows is to allow their emotions to be felt and their intuitions to be integrated into their mental concepts of life.





            In today's society Orange-Yellow personalities are highly respected and appreciated.  They are reliable, trustworthy, always on time and share a common understanding with society and mankind.  Their behavior and beliefs are within the range of what is considered normality and generally have a conservative approach.  Orange-Yellows are social because they enjoy being together with friends or interesting people.  Often, they need to see a particular reason behind various social activities or gatherings.


            At social groups, business groups or meetings they can find friends and partners to discuss and mentalize their work and/or ideas.  However, these groups seldom focus on intimate, emotional or personal levels.  Therefore, they may provide themselves with safe environments if they have not made the choice to deal with their emotions.


 Whenever Orange-Yellows feel the need to confront themselves with an inner, personal situation, they usually prefer to withdraw in silence.


            Orange-Yellow personalities are social in the sense that they love to share and support communities and other groups.  They see the need to give something back because they feel a sense of security and peace within the confines and structure of society.  Orange-Yellow people are often found as managers, officers or accountants of various organizations.





            Orange-Yellows fully commit to their partners while taking complete responsibility for their own, every day life.  They mate primarily for the purpose of creating a safe and secure home where they can take care of their family and in turn their partner takes care of them.  They view love as a need to help and support, not as an emotional or passionate act.


            Many find themselves drawn to Orange-Yellow personalities.  Their stability and reliability are the foundations for long-lasting, cohesive, secure relationships, which many are seeking.  Passion, romance and excitement may not be a focus for Orange-Yellows.


            Contrary to the sense of involvement and personal responsibility they assume, it is a challenge for Orange-Yellows to become emotionally or spiritually involved.  They prefer quiet moments in which they can read, learn, think or focus on their own ideas or projects.  Out-ofpower Orange-Yellows often feel unappreciated, especially during conversations when they feel they are not getting the attention they deserve.  Or they may be afraid to join a discussion in fear that they might not be able to contribute on that specific level.  As a result they have learned to internalize their ideas or only share them with people who are on their own level of mental understanding.


 Those seeking intellectual conversations, quiet rational thoughts and relationships based on stability and financial security, will find great comfort in being with a Orange-Yellow.


            Orange-Yellows usually like to be around Deep-Red and Deep-Green people.  They have a lot in common and share a conservative and intellectual approach towards life. Orange-Yellows surely understand and relate easily with their own personality type.  However, in this case they may need to be careful not to set up situations that may ultimately prove too confining for them, thus keeping them from dealing with their obstacles.


            Orange-Yellow people are often attracted to the happiness and lightness of a Yellow and the adventurous and powerful expression of both a Red and an Orange.  Blues and Indigos may be too emotional to be compatible with Orange-Yellows.  But, because they are like energetic counterparts they can learn tremendously from each other.  As long as Orange-Yellows stay open for new and innovative ideas they are a good match with Violet personalities.


            Orange-Yellows need to understand and accept a spiritual way of life in which Lavender and White personalities dwell comfortably.  If they are really open, this relationship can take each one of them into a new level of awareness and understanding.  





            Orange-Yellows prefer safe and secure jobs.  They do not want to worry about their monthly or weekly income.  If they don't have this sense of security they will feel uncomfortable and uneasy.  It is quite common for them to pursue occupations or positions with large, established companies or organizations who can provide this kind of security with great benefits and a substantial income.


            Orange-Yellows will be the right choice in any situation in which precise, detailed and analytical thinking is required.  They can be extremely successful when they use their full capacity.

Their openness and willingness to discuss and analyze work situations, allows them to work well with other people.  They lead by their competence, their ability to listen and unify, and their ingenuity in finding the best solution in virtually any situation.


            Orange-Yellows solve challenges through logical and analytical procedures.  However, when it comes to developing innovations or new ideas, making broad plans, or creating strategies, which incorporate complex or intuitive ideas or concepts, they will align themselves with the appropriate team players.  Then they can effectively and practically assist in pulling the whole project together in their efficient and detailed manner.


            Some Orange-Yellow occupations are: architects, bookkeepers, computer experts, software programmers, bankers, technicians, researchers, scientists, doctors, office clerks, library employees, officials, electricians and engineers.





            One of the first steps for Orange-Yellow personalities to achieve balance in their life, is to open up emotionally -- to tune into both their own and others emotions.  It calls for a great deal of courage to go deep within oneself and allow these emotions to emerge.  This emotional openness and sensitivity will allow them to utilize and come from their true power.


 After Orange-Yellows understand the primary need of getting in contact with their emotions and feelings, they will begin to see that intuition is an essential aspect of life.  Intuition means making more decisions based on their "gut" feeling and living with an open mind looking at new, innovative ideas without skepticism.  It also calls for having the willingness to explore their potentials.  To gain harmony Orange-Yellows must recognize that their skepticism originates from insecurity and fear of change.  They must learn to advance into new areas and be open for changes without always having data, statistics and facts available.  They must also remain flexible and be willing to take risks.


Nearly all inventions and innovations have been created and developed by people with open minds and intuitive abilities.  Orange-Yellows can be extremely successful and play an important part in society as long as they stay emotionally and intuitively open.  Orange-Yellows will go beyond their fear of insecurity if they understand that their mind is only a part of them. Their challenge is to clearly comprehend that their mind is not in control.  Rather, they are in control of their own mind.  With this understanding they will begin to relax their mental processes enough to more deeply explore their own personal identity through their feelings.


            The first step for Orange-Yellows to grow and expand their power is to be open to slow yet profound changes in their life.  They need to understand that the only constant in the universe is change.  Making changes doesn't mean being out-of-control.  It may simply indicate the necessity of accepting real responsibility.  When Orange-Yellow personalities let go of their fear and connect with their inner guidance, intuition and their real feelings, they will expand their life energy, incorporate their heart and become the powerful, spiritual beings they really are.

            The mission of an Orange-Yellow is to be aware of their life energy.  They have to understand that as human beings we have several internal systems, which are all equally important.  These systems include but are not limited to: physical, electrical-energetic, emotional, mental-analytical, intuitive-feeling, and spiritual.  Orange-Yellows often hold back most of their real inner power as a result of fear and insecurity.  They recharge their batteries best if they stay mentally and emotionally open.  Expressing their feelings and emotions clearly and freely will release tremendous powers from within.


            Artistic and creative activities such as painting, or singing are wonderful techniques to open up their emotional and spiritual energies. Meditations that calm and mantras that focus the mind can help them to go beyond thinking towards a universe of unlimited possibilities.