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The following are the qualities and action words associated with ORANGE personalities:


Area Description                                                                                                     .                           


Physical Adventurous, physical, creative, thrill seeker, love to form shape   and challenge physical reality, exciting.


Emotional Happiness, pleasure, positivity, strength, sympathetic, enjoyment of   physical reality, self-confidence, curiosity, emotional stress.


Mental Creative, planner, analyzer, productive, ambitious, challenged, controlling, need for action, conviction, tension.


Spiritual Experience peace and bliss in their adventures or creative projects.


Motivation Adventurer, thrill of experience, striving to complete projects,  excitement or adrenaline rush.


Mission/Vision To live their creative potential with pleasure and enjoyment.


Growth Step-by-step, planned, powerful, strong, connected to the earth.


Exercise Adventurous, outdoor activities, mountain climbing, racing, surfing.


Recharge battery Relaxation of mind and body, harmonious creative expression, enjoy life.


Communication Forceful, direct and forthright.


Interaction Strong and powerful, goal oriented, controlling and manipulative.


Relationships Companionship, independent individuals, appear self-centered.


Social, Friends Physical and mentally attractive characters, few close friends.


Sex, Intimacy          Fun and pleasure, physical exercise and release, non-commitment.


Money Needed for adventures and creative projects.


Success Level of pleasure and creativity achieve their own goals.


Occupation Free-lance, need physical freedom and independence.


Career Found in business, marketing, sales, manager, organizer, entrepreneur.





            Orange personalities are the creative adventurers in the color spectrum.  They have an inner urge to be creative and active, enjoying life to its fullest.  They are individual and independent while integrating physical, mental and emotional qualities.  They enjoy the challenge and excitement of forming and shaping physical reality.  Orange personalities love to imagine and plan strategies for their next adventure or project and then put those plans into action.  They need to be involved in the actual working process.  They have difficulty sitting back and letting other people do things for them.  They are always busy analyzing, organizing and building.


            The motivation in life of an Orange is based on how much pleasure and satisfaction they get out of their own adventures, challenges and creative projects.  They want to live out their own ideas.


 They plan and orchestrate their creative projects extremely well showing themselves and others that they can achieve the results they are aiming for.


 Conquering and overcoming the obstacles of the impossible, either within their own mind or within physical reality, is primarily what they are seeking. They also need to convince others of their abilities to be in control of their own success.  For these creative adventurers, life is real, concrete and tangible.


            Oranges have a need to be in charge of their own physical and mental reality.  Their challenge is to integrate this with their emotional body.  Sometimes letting go for an Orange means to lose control.  Relaxation is key for the balance of these physically or mentally active personalities.  The outlet for their adventurous energy is physical or mental creativity with a clear sense of their own emotions.


            Physical Orange personalities thrive on excitement, adventure, thrill and danger.  They enjoy challenging and conquering all facets of physical, mental and emotional reality.  They love to discover their own limitations on all levels and then expand upon them.  


 Some Orange personalities create unusual, risky and dangerous situations for the purpose of feeling more alive.  They love the rush of adrenaline.  The prospect of having a family may sound too conservative to these adventurers.  Philosophies and concepts of spirituality may not be a focus for them.  When Oranges focus that powerful mind energy they have on getting in touch with their feelings, they will open themselves tremendously to new avenues of personal awareness and fulfillment.


            Many Orange personalities were found in the past, especially in the pages of history where physical adventure and courage were needed for survival, and when traveling into new territories, discovering new lands and conquering nature or other nations was the way of living.


 In today's civilized society these qualities are not needed as much as they were back then.  This would explain why most Orange personalities channel their energies into physically creative projects and adventures.


            A large percentage of Orange personalities channel their stimulating energies into mental and creative activities versus physical.  They are active with their minds and more open to their emotions, executing ideas into physical manifestation.  They enjoy working on new, daring enterprises and projects, which promise to be challenging, exiting and adventurous.  These courageous people love to do business, create companies, sell and market products, plan and generate strategies and organize and close deals.  They are not afraid of details, desiring to personally stimulate and energize their ideas and projects.  It is important for them to be actively involved, to get things going, and to keep them going until they are complete. 


            If they are in harmony and their personality is balanced, Oranges can be filled with a deep personal feeling of confidence and success, finding positive and healthy ways to express their creativity.


            Orange personalities are the best analyzers and researchers.  They can easily figure out the patterns, risks and advantages involved in any project.  They have the capacity to mentally tune into other people, giving them greater command in any situation.  This ability to understand what is on the minds of others is widely used in the areas of sales and marketing.  It may be used to further projects that assist mankind or strongly misused for self power and profit.


           It may be a challenge for Oranges to stop their thinking or planning process.  Their physical and mental energies are very powerful and their urge to express and create sometimes creates a lot of stress.


            Many Oranges integrate physical and mental creativity.  They love to plan, organize and develop new devices or ideas.  Then they want to form and shape those ideas until the stage where they can bring them into physical reality.  They have a need to be involved in the active creation of their ideas.


            Oranges love physical activities, which are thrilling and exiting.  They enjoy sports such as surfing, parachuting, hand gliding, mountain climbing, sports car racing or bungee jumping.  They thrive on the excitement, pleasure and fulfillment provided by physical movement and adventure.


 They prefer individual competition to organized team sports.  Oranges often feel uncomfortable if they can't freely move their bodies or find themselves engaged in the wrong type of activity for them.

            If an Orange personality is out of balance they can be egotistical, jealous and self centered.  They may be only interested in their own actions and ideas, no matter what effects this might have on others. Then they show no affection, caring or compassion and can be distant, cold and aloof.


 If an Orange is not connected to their creative power, they try to control and overpower others.  On occasion they may try to find a manipulative way of achieving results and success.  They use their energy compensating for their disconnection from themselves -- their feelings and their creativity.


            Orange personalities must be aware of the responsibility to relax both physically and mentally long enough to get to know themselves.  They have a challenge in recognizing who they are emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


 The primary mission for Orange personalities is to accept their truly most exciting path -   the adventure of self-discovery.  This challenge needs more courage than all other outside physical activities combined.


            Oranges believe that spirituality and religion are concepts, which need to be expressed in the physical world.  In addition, they may have a physical perception of God, seeing that Source or Spirit manifest in nature and in our man made world.  They believe that their God given gift is to form and shape their own reality as well as the physical reality on planet earth.


            Adventurous Oranges love to enjoy life, have fun and be creative.  Their primary goal is to get in touch with their emotions, to bring their heart into their creations and to trust their intuition.  Integrating and balancing their physical, mental and emotional aspects is essential for personal happiness and fulfillment on all levels.   Then, Oranges will be fully in the "here and now," and they will have a spiritual and enlightening glimpse of reality.





            Orange personalities may prefer to live in their own world of adventure, thrill and excitement and to lose themselves in their own creative projects.  They don't particularly care what others or society in general think about them.  Nor do they take judgments personally if they are considered to be egotistical, self-absorbed or self-centered.  They simply want to do their own thing.


            Oranges don't necessarily follow all of the rules of society.  They are the ones who constantly challenge societies, personal expectations, limitations and restrictions.  Their bodies and minds are designed to conquer all physical limitations and boundaries.  It is important for Orange personalities to find adequate and positive outlets of expression for their powerful aspirations.


            Oranges possess the capacity to clearly and effectively explain their ideas, and with plenty of fire and courage.  Their lesson in life is to express their emotions and communicate through their inner feelings, otherwise they may feel insecure and remain unavailable with a sense of loneliness.





            Orange personalities need a lot of time and space for themselves.  Many feel most alive and happy if they have succeeded in a tremendous project or if they are involved in an exhilarating adventure.  Close relationships with friends or partners are not essential in their lives.  The test of an Orange is to be in touch with their sensitivity, compassion and gentleness.  Only then can they form bonding relationships and learn to express their emotions.


            Because many Oranges are physically fit, attractive and good looking, they have no difficulty in finding partners and lovers.  Some Oranges are not interested in solid, long-lasting partnerships or relationships, being more interested in their projects and adventures than in family and marriage.   The challenge, excitement and pleasure of meeting new people may be more thrilling than simply being together with old friends.


            It is a challenge for Orange personalities to become emotionally involved and take on the responsibilities of a relationship.  If they can feel enough freedom and independence, they might be willing to commit to a partner for a longer period of time.


            Interacting with other Oranges or Reds often creates an intense and high-energy relationship.  Friction and ego-based conflicts are not unusual.  Deep-Reds and Oranges seem to have similar interests and are very compatible.  Orange personalities like the playfulness of Yellows.  Both are very creative and productive, therefore have a great deal in common.


 Because Blues need closeness and are so sensitive, they may not be attracted romantically.  Both Orange and Indigo personalities may have strong inner feelings and creativity, yet they live in a completely different world.  Greens and Deep-Greens love to talk about everything for hours, while Oranges need a lot of time to themselves.


            Understanding the sensitivity and spiritual nature of Lavender and White personalities is a strong challenge for most Oranges.  The practicality of Oranges and the theoretical visions of Violets seem to support each other.  On the other hand, Violets may be too spiritual for Oranges.


            In reality the biggest challenge for an Orange personality is to create relationships that are ruled by sensitivity, understanding and emotional freedom.  To open their own heart is a wonder not to be missed.





            Oranges are independent and self-sufficient individuals. They may prefer to have their own business or company and like short term or freelance jobs, rather than long-term commitments. 


Because their needs are practical, and they have the power to be creative and active, they have the abilities to create their own income.  If they have the chance, Oranges love to live an adventurous and thrilling life while finding a way to make money with it.


            Oranges generously spend their money for unusual projects or hobbies.  They may not desire luxury, but they are more than willing to spend anything and in some cases everything they have, to make their ideas a reality.


            Oranges can be strong leaders, but it usually isn't the purpose for why they achieve their innovative goals.  They prefer going their own way, fulfilling their own dreams.  They can be powerful and creative leaders if they see the necessity of working with other team members.  They perform best in an environment, which provides them a certain degree of freedom and independence.  Oranges lead by physical example and by their unbridled enthusiasm.  Their adventurous and pioneering way of living their life may create admirers and even followers.


            Orange personalities are creative problem solvers.  They are able to recognize and analyze all factors, calculate the risks involved, go through all possibilities intelligently, making sure they have all the resources they need, and then take action.  They prefer physical or mental challenges and are often found in jobs, which guarantee them a degree of freedom in making choices and using their creative energy.  Oranges are often found in business, sales, marketing or any other occupation, which allows them to experience personal leverage.    They love to express their powerful creative life energy and are hard working, willing to go the extra mile.  Whenever a strong, fearless individual with courage, enthusiasm and determination is needed, look for an Orange.


            Some Orange occupations are:  stunt men, mountain climbers, businessmen, sales persons, designers, developers, architects, explorers and private investigators. 





 To take the journey into their inner reality, explore this unknown land and to expand their consciousness is the biggest challenge Oranges will face.  And yet, it will be the most gratifying on all levels.


            Orange persons reach harmony if they recognize that their life needs balance between body, mind and spirit.  To explore the outer as well as the inner world enables them to experience life on more than one level.  The moment they connect with their inner creative energy, they will empower themselves with a force unimagined.


 Inner knowledge and wisdom can be achieved if the creative energies flow freely and are expressed to help and support humanity.  Connecting with their own feelings and staying open and caring toward humanity are vitally important aspects for Oranges.


Orange personalities automatically recharge their batteries if they live their creative capacity in a harmonious way.  They must understand that creating dangerous exhilarating experiences leads to unhealthy situations.  By using their power to create and help others, and to experience their inner world of sensitivity, feelings and personal growth, they will find positive and harmonious ways of expressing and recharging themselves.


            The life purpose of an Orange is to connect with their creative potential and be in touch with their emotional body while experiencing a physical existence.  Further, it is to have the freedom to create new pathways and ideas, expanding and surpassing limitations of reality, as others perceive them.


            Orange personalities need to be especially aware of their physical and emotional states.  Healthy high-energy nutrition is important.  An environment in which they can express themselves emotionally and communicate freely with friends and family is crucial.


            Sports such as surfing, mountain climbing, horseback riding and motorcycle riding easily and adventurously recharge Orange personalities.  The biggest challenge for them is to discover their limits, bringing adventure and independence into highly positive creative expressions in their lives.  This will bring them self-realization and self-fulfillment on levels even they have not dreamed of.