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The following are the qualities and action words associated with INDIGO personalities:


Area  Description                                                                                                    .                           


Physical   Deep body feelings, sensitive physical body, meditative, androgynous.


Emotional  Universal love, sensitivity, depth of feelings, inner communion,   trust, loyalty, hones, surrender, devotion, innocence.


Mental Aware, bright, artistic, clarity, creative, independent,  intuition, inner knowing, higher mind, dedication.


Spiritual Higher knowledge, truth, spiritual, universal love, awareness   and consciousness, experience inner planes of existence.


Motivation Follow their higher truth, unconditional love and inner guidance.


Mission/Vision Spiritual growth, love and service, express inner knowing, self realization.


Growth Inner awareness, intuitive changes, guided by their heart.


Exercise Walking, dancing, swimming, meditation, spiritual exercises & techniques.


Recharge battery Meditation, music, create own space, connect with God-Inner Self,  spiritual workshops, journeys to sacred places.


Communication Soft voice, intuitive, inner communication with connection to feminine aspect.


Interaction Considerate, careful, sensitive and divine actions, compassionate.


Relationships Caring, depth, heartfelt, soul-to-soul, spiritual connections.


Social, Friends Follow inner guidance, one on one, few close friends.


Sex, Intimacy Deep, divine experience, careful, open up only to close partners, mystical.


Money   Clear concept, not primary concern, follow higher values and truth.


Success Connection to God and Higher Self, live love and spirituality on earth.


Occupation Serving others, live in harmony with their higher beliefs and truth.


Career Spiritual healer, teacher, musician, artist, social worker, writer




            Indigo personalities experience life through their deep inner feelings and intuition.   These calm and deeply sensitive individuals are connected with their inner self.  Their life long search for higher truth and consciousness allows them to radiate an originality and clarity, which is not found in other color personalities.


            Indigos have a strong desire to express their spirituality.  They are considered to be very deep in their feelings and perceptions of life.  An Indigo is born with a powerfully high consciousness and even as children know who they are and how to be.  Indigos cannot be told what to do, think, feel or what the truth is.  They know.  Their inner guidance gives them all the information they need.


            The purpose of Indigos is to experience life as a divine universal being with compassion and unconditional love.  To them, life is like an endless ocean, filled with divine love and energy, full of unbelievable treasures, and grand adventures.  Indigos are content if they can express their feelings of spirituality and love, knowing that the world around them is acknowledging the divine message.


            Indigos have a high sense of honor and their own personal values and belief system.  They do not adopt the ideas, beliefs, standards or concepts of others.  Their inner strength and power comes from their connection with God or Love. To them, universal Love is the connecting force in the universe. 


            Indigos know that all humans are divine beings.  We are not only physical, emotional or mental beings, but are connected with a Higher Power, which we call God, Spirit or Source.  Indigos also know that everything in the universe is interconnected. There is no separation.  We are One.  This knowledge makes it a great challenge for them to understand and accept some of the ways humans treat themselves and their mother earth.  Their challenge is to stay out of confusion, sadness and anger when they see what is going on in the world.


            Indigos are seen as the new leaders for the coming times.  They seem to have an inherent understanding and awareness of human life and universal implications.  They don't need facts, statistics or data to be convinced that our planet is in need of major shifts.  They also don't need a reason to help humanity to grow spiritually.  They show us that we are powerful spiritual beings waking up to the truth of who we are.  And they do this, by simply being themselves.


             Centered Indigos have the energy and power to guide humanity into an age of enlightenment and self empowerment. In the past, Indigos were often found in religious groups or organizations.  This was their only method of practicing spirituality and discovering God within.  Now Indigo personalities have the freedom to live their inner feelings and their need to communicate with God with more openness in a world that is truly waking up to the truth.


Indigos can appear soft, sensitive and sometimes androgynous.  They integrate both masculine and feminine aspects within themselves.  Because of their sometimes unusual appearance and their advanced spirituality, others may see them as introverted or eccentric.


            In power Indigos are aware, bright, creative and independent individuals with deep feelings and strong intuitions.  They follow their inner guidance and abide by higher truths, knowing that life is filled with integrity, compassion and love. They understand spiritual concepts far more easily then physical ones.  Indigos are more concerned with higher principles then social beliefs or limited physical realities. No social pressures will force them to compromise or follow rules they do not agree with.


            Indigos integrate their intelligence with a higher understanding and awareness.  They have clear perceptions of humanity and are guided by their intuition.  They are born with an awareness of who they are and what their purpose in life is.  Their insight and wisdom comes from a different source then common, limited, intellectual knowledge.


            Indigos have no need to understand mental concepts.  They don't process life through their intellect or their rational minds.  They are clear and bright thinkers but perceive life more through intuition and feelings.  They often come up with unorthodox concepts that might prove to be extraordinary to others.


            Indigos have sensitive, physical bodies.  For most of them, intense physical activity is much too harsh and disturbing.  They prefer soft and balanced physical activities to intense exercise or competitive sports. Their favorite activities would include, taking a walk, jogging or meditative exercises and techniques.  They may have a need to express their creativity through dancing, painting, writing or other artistic endeavors.


Because Indigos have a highly developed system, they are uncommonly sensitive.  They are able to sense energies, emotions and feelings or even spirits, auras and other dimensions.  Their high vibration allows them to move into other dimensions of existence.  Indigos are so close to God, that at times they are able to express divine energy by their mere presence.


            In their innocence, Indigos are extremely truthful.  They must live their life in accordance with the highest of principles.  They know we are all divine beings within a greater plan.  Life has meaning and we as humans are creating our own reality. While they are honest and independent, they are also very compassionate and accepting.


            Indigos need a peaceful and harmonious environment whether at work or at home.  Because of their sensitivity they need to have serene surroundings to keep them balanced.


            If Indigos do not follow their path they will become anxious and self-destructive.  They can also become emotionally closed and introverted, withdrawing from friends and society.  Conservative, rigid thinking and the inability to express their deep feelings and their inner truth will cause them to feel depressed and isolated.  Out of power Indigos can become frightened and disoriented, turning to drugs and alcohol to escape from their confusion and to quiet their inner voices.  The current state of the planet is not what they envision or understand.  They wonder how humanity can be so insensitive and unspiritual?


The challenge of Indigos is to trust their inner voice, staying in their power.  They must actively live that connection to God and the Universe, a truth, which they came here knowing in their hearts.  They can help us to understand life's larger plan, of which we are all a part.



            In power Indigos do not follow the rules or demands of society.  They have an inner knowing which they have to live.  Indigos function with truth and spirituality, easily seeing through false ideals or political ambitions based on egotistical gain.  They may have a tendency of withdrawing from society because they are often misunderstood with such high principles.


            In power Indigos have learned to live and function in society within their own protected space.  They find ways to express their inner desires into creative endeavors which influence and lead people toward creating a better world.  Indigos have few close friends, knowing whom they can trust.  They know immediately when they meet an old, ancient friend or soul mate.


            Out of power Indigos might concede to society, suppressing their inner knowing and truth.  They may become introverted, hiding behind a conservative, stiff and rigid attitude. Often Indigos live out their spirituality in fanatical religious groups or organizations.  


 Indigos need to create opportunities to be with God, while expressing their inner meaning and purpose for living.


            Indigos may not be what is termed social.  They are very sensitive, feeling the pains and challenges of others so much that they have to be careful in their interactions.  They prefer to meet with people on a basis of spirituality and love.





            Indigos need mates who will be nurturing, dedicated and understanding, allowing them their independence.  They are careful in their selection of partners but once they have decided on their soul mate they will be loyal, faithful and monogamous.


            Indigos need to be with partners who can understand their advanced, spiritual way of thinking.  They are gentle and committed partners who are best friends and companions.  Indigos usually have balanced both their male and female energies.  They have a strong sense of their own sexuality.


            They are great lovers.  Once they feel safe with a compatible soul, they are passionate and full of deep love.  Sex is a powerful spiritual experience where two beings of energy merge into cosmic oneness.  Most in power Indigos do not have inhibitions.  Sexuality is not a male or female expression or a physical act, but a spiritual union of two divine beings.


 Indigos love to be with Lavender, Violet or White personalities. They are inspired and assured that other spiritual oriented souls thrive on this planet.


            Physical personality types, such as Red and Orange may be a big challenge for Indigos for a healthy loving relationship, since their view of live is so different.  Yellows and Indigos love to play and have fun together.  The Green personalities can deal with the bright and clear mental abilities of Indigos.


            Orange-Yellows and Deep-Reds also have a conservative approach toward life.  But they may not understand the depth and love Indigos feel inside.  


 As long as Indigos feel a deep inner connection with their partners they will be very loving and passionate mates.





            Indigos are intellectual, but they also incorporate inner awareness and emotional sensitivity.  Because they are so compassionate, they are often willing to support and work with others.  Indigo personalities are loyal. They never lie, cheat or steal.  Friends or employers can always count on them.  Their honesty and friendly attitude can lead to many opportunities creatively and in business.


            Indigos solve their challenges when they trust their inner senses. They will always receive the correct answer if they look inside themselves. They are happiest when they are able to live their lives in harmony with their beliefs and when they are able to help other souls on the planet.  They feel successful when they know they are connected to their intuition and living the highest truth of which they are capable.


            Indigos are often found in service, social or artistic occupations, helping and supporting society.  When they are in harmony and in power, they always know a higher task is waiting for them.


           Indigos prefer occupations, which allow them the freedom to connect with life in its diverse forms.  They love to bring together body, mind, heart and spirit.  The work they do must be in balance with their spiritual beliefs and perceptions of life.  They have a need to love their work.  They enjoy all jobs, which enable them to support others.  Because they are closely connected to God and the Universal Life Energy, Indigos can be powerful spiritual healers, counselors and teachers.


            Some Indigo occupations are:  spiritual healer, teacher, musician, artist, nurse, mother, social worker, child caretaker, musician, writer, artist and designer.





            To stay in power, Indigos have to feel and trust their intuition.  When they express their inner beliefs and feelings they can create an environment, which radiates peace, love and understanding.


 Their bodies may be delicate, since they are sensitive to the unbalanced and stressful environment, which dominates our planet.  Their androgynous appearance, personality and beliefs challenge society's concepts of male / female and what is considered right and wrong.  As a result, they have a test to adjust and to actually fit in.

            Indigos need to create an environment which allows them to stay centered, peaceful and in contact with their inner guidance.  The world around them may appear loud and insensitive.  


 If Indigos are in harmony they recharge easily.  They know that they are a part of this vast system of universal consciousness and energy.  When they still their mind and body, they will connect with the universal energy flow.  Indigos have the ability to recharge and heal themselves from the inside.


            Indigos need to get in contact with their mission and their personal vision in life.  They understand that life has a meaning and that they are part of a much larger entity called God.  Meditation and prayer are important tools for Indigos to gain harmony, balance and strength.  They will receive all the answers to all their questions if they simply ask their Higher Power for guidance.  They will create harmony by living their lives with awareness, expressing their beliefs in love and understanding.


            The challenge of an Indigo is to step into the real world with a powerful sense of their body, mind, heart and soul.  They are the examples of this perfect balanced way of living. Maybe the most challenging and yet most rewarding task they can undertake, is standing up for their convictions and beliefs, and then living them, accepting that others need to do the same in their own way.  Then, they empower themselves and the world.