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We all have energy around us.
Would you like to see yours in living color?  


All things are made up of energy, whether it be a person a tree or a chair. Because energy is everywhere, in all things and in all ways it is easy to live our lives without giving it a second thought. 

Aura Photo brings you an opportunity to actually see the energy that surrounds you and the energies that also flow within you.  It is pretty  cool.  You experience  your energy in the moment.

Energy is experienced as vibration.  One way  vibration  is  calculated is as frequency.

Frequencies are what define light, color and sound.  Color  vibrates a different frequencies. 

The  AuraPhoto.us system with it's hand scanner detects your natural energy in real time, right here and right now. Frequencies are then translated by the software into color and your personal scan is created. This is an example of science meets technology , meets art. All created from you and for you. 

This scan and report are intended as a tool for your awareness and gives you the ability to see and learn more about your Aura and Chakra energies. It is not considered a diagnostic tool.  It has zero direct  connection to any specific medical or mental health care.  The intention of this scan is to encourage you for your highest and greatest goodness.

The scan itself only takes a moment. That is followed by a short discussion , a full color print out and a 23 page email explaining it all. 

You may wonder why it matters.  That is totally up to you.  This scan bring to you in living color an awareness. What you do with this awareness is up to you. If you realize that things in your life are out of balance then you know were to focus you attention.  If you have 


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