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For example 

Here are a few of the components of your Aura Photo experience 
Yin Yang Balance
There is dark in the light and light in the dark . How balanced are you as you navigate your day to day living?
Are you more Stressed or Relaxed?
Throughout your day the levels of relaxation and stress energies are always shifting in the moment.
Mind Body Spirit
There are many levels of energy running thru you continually.  These are 3 of them.
Emotion Meter
Your energy is in tune with  your emotions as they play out . How you feel emotionally matters.
7 Major Chakras
Chakras are energy power stations alone your spine each with unique characteristics all working together 
1 Root - Red -Located at the base of your torso 
2. Sacral - Orange -Located in the cradle between your hips
3. Solar Plexus - Yellow  Located between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage 
4. Heart - Green -Located in Center of your chest
5. Throat-  Basic Blue- Located at center of your neck
6. 3rd Eye - Deep  Indigo Blue  - Located in the center of your brain in your forehead area
7. Crown - Violet Located at the center of the top of your head 
Think Rainbow ROBGBIV...
5 Aura Quadrants
Your Aura is not flat as seen on the screen.  It is shaped as an egg around you 
Above the head - the energy you are living in 
Below your feet - the energy that creates your Foundation
 Right side of this diagram - Energy you are receiving personally into your heart 
Centered over chest - Energies you are processing now .  The look of a cloud just means it is 3D on a 2D surface
Left side of this diagram - The energy you project. This is as others see you
The Aura colors blend continuously. Do not get caught up in the edges of the quadrants, that is how the software creates the spaces. 
Detailed Analysis Report
This is an analytical report  of your personal Aura scan generated by the software. 
The first few pages explain the concepts of each component . General information yet specific enough that you can read your scan easily
The last few pages are more individualized to you specifically
It finishes with a personality profile of your most Auric  dominant color.  Realizing that it all blends ,  all the time