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The following are the qualities and action words associated with DEEP-GREEN personalities:


Area  Description                                                                                                      .                           


Physical Material, physical, wealth, luxury, firmness, clarity of presentation   and communication, structured, domineering, resistance to change.


Emotional Self-esteem, assertive, consistent, perseverance, tenacity, self-control,   proud, superiority, ideal.


Mental Quick minded, organized, communicative, ambitious, intelligent,  accurate memory, high expectations, perfectionist.


Spiritual Mental concept and understanding of God.


Motivation Achieving goals, being accepted and important, making money.


Mission/Vision Intellectual growth, to learn, express and teach others.


Growth Acceptance, take responsibility for themselves, organize life.


Exercise Walking, gym, aerobics, professional sports.


Recharge battery  Nature, aerobics, sports, communication, mental and emotional balance.


Communication Fast, direct, personal, precise, ideal communicators and teachers.


Interaction Powerful, direct, verbal, intelligent, constant mental stimulation.


Relationships High expectations, goal oriented, look for acceptance and understanding.


Social, Friends Aristocratic, expensive life style, business friends, social events.


Sex, Intimacy Attractive, need acceptance and security emotionally, careful.


Money Means luxury, wealth, superior powers, independence from others.


Success Amount of money they earn, being accepted, achieving goals.


Occupation Workaholics organizers, planers, independent, financial careers, management.


Career Bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, real estate or stock market broker,  financial consultants, producers.





            Deep-Green personalities are bright, intelligent and energetic. They are communicative, organized, ambitious and love to surround themselves with people, nature and material wealth and luxury.  They express the belief that every human being should live in prosperity and abundance.  Their balance and harmony with nature is reflected in their ability to organize life.  Greens love to experience life to its fullest, balancing mind, body and spirit.


            Deep-Greens integrate almost all the qualities of Green personalities. The primary difference is they are more intense and direct in everything they do.  Deep-Greens are communicators like Greens but do so with more power and intensity.  All Green personalities are mental and quick-minded, but Deep-Greens are extremely fast in their thinking, more detailed and more dynamic.


 They possess the ambition to achieve their goals. Focusing on business and other social events helps them in their growth.  Deep-Greens love to be around people because they need constant interaction and stimulation. Talking with friends, business associates and sharing ideas and thoughts is extremely refreshing and recharging for them.  They crave human interaction, always knowing how to express themselves because they are excellent communicators.


            Deep-Greens love to give advice and to tell other people what to do.  They think they know everything better and this may even often be the case.  They are the perfect teachers.  Their powerful precise communication allows them to express their ideas with strength and clarity.  Most of the time they say exactly what they think.


            Deep-Greens have the ability to quickly make a point in a conversation.  While other life colors might need ten minutes or more to explain a situation or concept, Deep-Greens can say it in a few sentences. On the other hand, if they are unhappy or frustrated they will verbally let go of their frustration.  These verbal attacks can often cut deeply into the hearts of others.  It is difficult to win an argument against a Deep-Green personality.


            Deep-Greens need to constantly stimulate themselves or be stimulated by others.  They are easily bored.  It is difficult for them to perceive a moment of mental relaxation or emptiness of mind.  Their mind works too fast and is too active to let go easily and relax. They love communicating with others, talking, watching movies or reading an exciting book as a means of relaxation and recharging their batteries.


            Deep-Greens are ambitious and want to achieve their goals. They perceive life through their quick and competitive minds, adding their strong sense of emotion.  The greatest goals they can set for themselves are how productive and perfect they can be in their work and life.  After they achieve their goals they feel wonderful. For them, life can be viewed as a large "to do" list.  Having these specific goals and ambitions makes their life very special to them.  On the other hand, after they achieve their goals they sometimes feel a certain sense of emptiness.


            Deep-Greens exhibit perseverance, tenacity, firmness and consistency.  These strong and self-assertive personalities may sometimes be afraid of change because they have such precise and specific viewpoints and opinions.

            Because they have extremely strong will power, they are independent, preferring to go their own way.  They don't like taking orders from other people because they feel they can do it better.  Some Deep-Greens are so confident that they have a superior feeling towards others.


            Deep-Green personalities are perfectionists.  They have great expectations of themselves and others.  They set the highest goals and until they are achieved, will not be satisfied.  Sometimes the high expectations they place on their friends or co-workers can create a considerable amount of pressure.  Their incredible ideals may make it extremely challenging for those around them.  If they are accomplished, they may still think it could have been done better.  


Deep-Greens need to understand those unusually high expectations can sometimes be the cause of unhappiness and frustration -- not only for those around them, but for themselves.  Setting goals is important for Deep-Greens, but their challenge is to find the balance between accomplishment and doing their best.  Surrendering to a Greater Plan and to their Higher Power will ultimately lead to a true sense of fulfillment in their lives on all levels.


            Deep-Green personalities are quick, abstract, analytical thinkers and can easily jump from one step to the next.  They don't like to deal with details, preferring to develop ideas, organize plans and delegate work to others for execution.


 They recognize patterns and solutions to challenges quickly, setting  goals which they can achieve within a short period of time.  Deep-Greens are ambitious, competitive and enjoy the challenges connected with specific tasks at hand.  They like to spend their time on the mental processes and then pay others to do the physical work.


            Out of power Deep-Greens are afraid of personal failure and the lack of recognition.  They try to compensate for this fear by seeming to be in control of every aspect of their life, exhibiting a superior and proud attitude.  Their domineering way and need to impress may really be a reflection of their low self-esteem.


            Deep-Greens have a need to be mentally in control of their own life. If they find themselves in a situation in which they are not in control they may become frustrated, fearful and stressed.  Their challenge is to accept their strong emotional body, to let go and to understand that not every aspect of life can be controlled by human efforts.  A big lesson for them is to enjoy the process of life itself and have fun with what they do.     If they want something, they want it immediately.  When it doesn't happen as fast as they would like, they may become aggressive, impatient and judgmental with those around them. Their tendency of being rigid in their objections and goals, can easily result in others feeling insulted and hurt.  These perfectionists sometimes project their high expectations, blaming others for their own short comings and disappointments.


            The life purpose of Deep-Green personalities is to enjoy and experience life with an open heart, to grow intellectually, to integrate their emotions and to learn to live as an example for others.


Spirituality is not an unfamiliar concept for Deep-Greens.  Because they are quick at processing concepts, they are able to understand and even teach what God or religion is all about.   Their challenge is to actually experience the connection with their Inner Power, God, and to live it.  When they open their heart, this will inevitably and effortlessly take place. 





            In our society, Deep-Green is associated with money, wealth and luxury.  The aristocratic Deep-Greens usually live an expensive life style with an excess of money around them.  Money and an exclusive life style are important.  Material wealth shows their high social status and gives them security.  They usually have conservative beliefs and social behavior.  


            It is not uncommon for Deep-Greens to have strikingly attractive features.  They pay a great deal of attention to their physical appearance and prefer wearing fashionable, expensive and/or sexy clothes.


            Sometimes Deep-Greens have difficulty in accepting all human beings as equal.  They can have an attitude of superiority, only mixing with people of their own status.  Learning to understand and accept the many diverse lifestyles of others is a major task for them.


 Deep-Greens are powerful communicators.  They are social personalities who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to express themselves.





            One of the greatest challenges facing Deep-Green personalities is relationships.  They may have unusually high expectations toward others, most of which cannot be fulfilled.  They want close, intimate and loving relationships, filled with acceptance, warmth and support.  They usually look to others for qualities they are missing and ultimately find that no one can deliver those qualities except themselves.


            So Deep-Green personalities may experience difficulties in finding a partner they can completely accept.  They may find something wrong or not quite adequate.  If their partner is not equally ambitious and goal-oriented, living up to their expectations, they will become easily bored, growing out of the relationship. 


 Communicating is essential for Deep-Greens.  Discussing ideas and projects they are working on is an important part of interacting with their partners.


            Deep-Greens are usually both physically and mentally attractive. Their regal behavior opens many doors for them, privately as well as in business.  


 Sex is not a primary issue for Deep-Greens.  It can be a deep, intimate physical and emotional experience, or it can be sex with no involvement or strong feelings. They can easily choose between close intimacy and pure physical enjoyment.

            Deep-Greens are impressed by the visionary ideas and charismatic power of Violets.  Reds stimulate them through their physical power.  Orange personalities need a lot more space.


            Blues and Indigos may be too emotional and introverted to create a good match.  The way of thinking of Deep-Reds and Orange-Yellows is appealing to Deep-Greens.  Greens and Deep-Greens have a lot in common, yet they must share the same ambition to achieve goals.  Deep-Greens need to understand the playfulness of Yellows to create harmonious relationships.


            Deep-Greens need strong, equally intelligent and ambitious partners whom they can accept and appreciate.  When they finally open up to their emotions, they can become very close to their partners.  


 Once the reason for marriage may have been because it guaranteed financial security and a high social status.  When a Deep-Green balances the heart and mind, and connects with intuition and their Higher Power, the real meaning of soul mates will unfold and the only reason for love will be for love itself.





            Deep-Greens are great at organizing projects and coordinating teams.  They often own their own businesses or can be found in high levels within various companies.  Their openness, strong mental capacities and communication skills enhance their ability to achieve leadership positions, creating a feeling of importance and recognition.  These career conscious personalities and successful entrepreneurs may be textbook examples of typical workaholics.


            Deep-Greens come up with solutions to challenges quickly and effectively.  This is a result of their clear, quick mind, allowing them to constantly see new options.  Deep-Greens are adept at planning and developing, and know how to clearly communicate their ideas and concepts.  This gives them the tremendous advantage of being able to solve their own as well as the problems of others.  They can be extremely ambitious and goal oriented.  Finding the fastest and best solution, gives Deep-Greens great satisfaction.


            Deep-Green personalities are generous with tips and especially with advice.  They have the ability and capacity to help others, taking pleasure in it.  However, they can become frustrated and quickly disinterested if their advice is not followed.              For Deep-Greens to live up to their full potential in the world of business, they prefer being independent, self-employed, or being in responsible top positions.  They like to delegate authority.  They can be found in many areas as long as their job is well paying, stimulating and highly respected.  Deep-Greens love money and what it can do for them.  They are drawn to occupations, which have to do with money, guaranteeing them high income.


 To be truly successful on all levels, their challenge is to incorporate their heart into the matter of their career and finances.  Otherwise their amazing achievements will never be truly satisfying on any level except materially.  Their life could either be a series of successes with no real meaning, or a fulfilling personal evolution on all levels.

            Some Deep-Green occupations are:  bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketing experts, real estate or stock market brokers, sales persons for expensive items, executives, producers and financial consultants





            The best way for Deep-Greens to find harmony is to stay emotionally, mentally and spiritually centered, taking full responsibility for their own life.  By recognizing what they truly want to achieve both in their inner and outer world, and by taking active steps, they can express their full dynamic power.


           Deep-Greens need to channel their strong mental energies and high expectations into positive meaningful directions.  The more Deep-Greens feel and connect with their heart, the more content and successful they will be.


            Deep-Greens are not very interested in purely physical activities.  To exercise or be involved in any sport for fun makes little or no sense to them.  They will become active if they establish a good reason to stay physically fit.  These would include health, a strong physique or overall attractiveness.  Physical exercise may also be more than just for health or recharging.  It might provide an opportunity for calming the mind from its constant need for stimulation and activity.


            Mental relaxation tapes, visualization and dream journeys, as well as brain enhancing, and balancing machines are proven methods to achieve a deeper and more relaxed state of mind.  Once the mind is calm, Deep-Greens will open up their hearts, moving into higher dimensions of relaxation, creativity and meditation.  Deep-Greens must learn to recharge their life energy batteries on a regular basis.  Once they are able to calm their mind and let go of their high expectations, they will find enough inner peace to allow relaxation and recharging to occur.


            Even if Deep-Greens appear to be strong willed and independent, deep inside they harbor the fear of not being accepted or recognized.  Life is change, growth and expansion.  Insecurity is one of the challenges life has to offer.  Integrating heart and intuition with a powerful mind, will help Deep-Greens to relinquish their intense need to control their lives.  Surrendering control to their Higher Power will alleviate the pressure they feel to succeed.  Putting their life in God's Hand, actively following their heart and their intuition, will bring Deep-Greens true self-empowerment on all levels.