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We come to you!

Give us a call to set up your Aura event 
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our business address
1667 Crofton Center Crofton MD 21114
email..  AuraPhoto.us@gmail.com

Partnering with us at your location 

Event Experience 

Our process has a very easy flow.

Electricity required. 

The footprint of our system needs a 6 ft table space  with a couple of chairs. We can/will bring our own tables. 

Set up takes about 20 minutes then we are ready to roll . 

We are able to handle all financial transactions with our participants.  We take cash or plastic. 


Aura Photo is willing to  pay a reasonable vendor booth fee for an event  or settle up at the end of the event with a percentage of the purchased products for the day.  

Each client receives individual attention including a full color print out of their Aura scan, a short discussion based upon what shows on the computer screen and a 23 page report emailed to them that explains the entire scan for a computer generated analysis. 

We can and will provide you with advertising graphics upon request. 


Calling us at 443 292 4279 will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have for the best possible experience  of your clients, friends, family and or work place environment.  

We can process faster   if necessary.  The personal discussion is shorter  when we  need to keep a line moving quickly.     We have been at events that requested  the scans to be done  as attendees arrive.  

If you desire a before and after scan for your people to compare the energetic signatures on each end of a special presentation /event/class/modality , we can provide that service as well .  

We have participated in retreat weekends /events with pricing negotiated when we are invited to attend the event as well ,when our Aura Photo duties do not require our attention.  


Simple pricing  

$30.00 Standard offer

$50.00 Before and after

$25.00  5 page emailed report instead of 23 pages.  

Give us a call to set up your Aura event 
443 292 4279
physical address
1667 Crofton Center Crofton MD 21114
email.. Auraphoto.us@gmail.com