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1667 Crofton Center

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Crofton MD 21114

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Galaxy Hypnosis

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So what else is possible when you get your Aura Photo and choose to create change in your life based on what your scan shows you?

Chakra Balancing

Your energetic power stations run best when balanced with each other. Consider them spinning gears. Sometimes you need to realign the cogs   There are a variety of choices to choose from to bring your Charkas into a better balance. We have several modalities available to assist in Chakra balancing.  


Larry, Sondra and Tammy are all 3 highly skilled internationally certified hypnotists.  We work in partnership with your Subconscious creating positive change as you choose to define it.  Healing happens from the inside out. When you give yourself the gift of balanced alignment from within your decisions, habits, memories, emotions Imagination and belief systems, your life  can and will transform

Essential Oil Products

Therapeutic essential oils are concentrated goodness for your natural well-being. These oils are 40 to 70% stronger than the plant itself due to the concentration of the essence of the oil created.  Essential oils are perfect as a personal blend to assist in your  with physical, mental emotion and spiritual process.  We join with you to create the best  product in the best available application. Including your sense of smell in healing is powerful.

Healing modalities

There is always more to learn, more to receive and more to explore. 

  • Reiki

  • Reconnective Healing

  • Shamanic 

  • Stones, minerals, crystals

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Access Consciousness

Relapse Prevention

Are there repetitive things in your life that are just not good for you.  Would you like to move on with your life, choose a different path and look forward to a future that joins you in being strong, healthy and in control.  Relapse Prevention is not for wimps, but it is indeed an intense opportunity to learn to take the best next step while walking toward you goals. 

Hypnosis Certification Course

more info to come

Larry Sondra and Tammy

443 292 4279