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The following are the qualities and action words associated with BLUE personalities:


Area  Description                                                                                                    .                           


Physical Helpful, caring, peaceful, relaxed, tranquil, calm physically active, tired.


Emotional Heartfelt, sensitive, caring, calm, deep feelings, peaceful, appreciative,  tender, devotion, empathy, trust, surrender, easily hurt, self-pity.


Mental Clarity, calm, peaceful, balanced thinking, contentment, quiet.


Spiritual God is love & compassion, relationships and spirituality are most important.


Motivation Peace and harmony, they experience, how much support & love they can give.


Mission/Vision To serve mankind, give and receive love and compassion.


Growth Change victim/helpless state of mind into responsibility, taking care of  themselves, stay clear.


Exercise Walking, bicycling, picnicking, all water activities, beach, swimming.


Recharge battery Meditation, soft music, walking in nature, living in a nurturing environment.


Communication Soft voices, feelings are expressed, personal and intimate.


Interaction Conservative, family oriented, careful, supportive.


Relationships Harmonious, peaceful, loving, caring.


Social, Friends Very social, do anything for family and friends.


Sex, Intimacy Sensitivity and love, need intimacy more then sex.


Money Security, safety, satisfy needs.


Success How much love they give and how much they are loved by others.


Occupation All caring, humanitarian, supportive occupations, wherever help is needed.


Career Nurse, caretaker, priest, housewife, child care, social worker, teacher,   therapist, consultant, healer, secretary, accountant.



If you want to know more about your BLUE Personality Type, we suggest that you review the INDIGO  and GREEN profile in the book AURA MASTERY.

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            Blues are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities.  They live from their hearts and their emotions.  Their life purpose is to serve, help and love others.  They teach humanity that without love, nothing else matters.  Blues are on this planet to serve mankind.


            The honest Blue personality expresses surrender, devotion, dedication to humanity, and high values.  Blues are friendly and loving with open hearts, needing a lot of time for themselves to maintain this center of peace.


            Their motivation is to serve and help others, expressing love and affection.  They process ideas and concepts based on feelings and intuition rather than from a mental point of view.  As a result, Blues may not feel in their element when highly intellectual subjects are being discussed.  


 Intuition and emotional behavior may not be as readily accepted as intellectual thinking or scientific facts.   But for Blues, there are no real facts except that which comes from their heart and soul.


            Blues have a natural inner knowledge and wisdom.  They feel and know things without needing facts or data for substantiation.  The moment they become still inside, they will tune into an inner voice that will guide them.  They are very empathic, feeling the emotions and thoughts of others.  Their challenge is to protect themselves so they do not take on the feelings of those around them.


            Blues are the most emotional of all the color personalities and need to constantly clear and center themselves.  Helpful activities for Blues are talking with friends about their inner path, writing in a journal or just being quiet so their intense emotions can subside.


            Some Blues are more concerned about others then themselves.  They are born caretakers and mothers.  They remember birthdays, care for those who are sick and always have a shoulder for others to cry on.  They are born advisers, counselors, and practitioners. Many people enjoy being with Blues because they express so much love, acceptance and forgiveness.


            Blues cry easily, releasing powerful emotions of joy, sorrow, compassion and humility.  The other color personalities often have a challenge understanding the intense emotional body of a Blue.  However, this emotional depth gives them the ability to be warm, compassionate and protective towards others.


            The major gifts of Blues are their ability to express unconditional love, their powerful intuition, and their "inner knowledge."  No matter what happens, Blues will always forgive.  They might be seen as "too nice" and may therefore be taken advantage of.  Therefore, they must stand up for themselves in all situations, not allowing any abuse against them.


 Blues usually accept the authority of others without offering any resistance.  Non violence is their motto.  Their challenge is to discern carefully, staying in their power and to actually say "No," when appropriate.  To honor themselves first, is essential.  Otherwise they will allow themselves to be used and taken advantage of, feeling frustrated, depressed and hopeless.

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            Some Blues are also primarily focused on the concerns of others.  They enjoy listening to their challenges, having the capacity to understand and not judge what they are going through.  Because they spend so much time involved with the interests of others, they sometimes forget to look at their own.  The most important issue for Blues is to spend more time working on their own personal growth than helping those around them.


            Some Blues have a basic fear that others might push them away, reject them or no longer love them, if they make it clear that their life must come first.   The fear of hurting others is a reflection of their own fears of being hurt.  They need to recognize the tremendous benefits of Self-Love and to understand that "no" does not mean the same as, " I don't love you."  They need to define their boundaries with other people because they have a tendency of allowing friends and even strangers to come into their energy field without having adequate protection.


 Sometimes Blues take on the energies and qualities of others.  This can especially happen while they are helping and nurturing others in the capacity of caretakers. This can occur to the point where they actually take on their sicknesses or issues.


            The challenge of Blues is to recognize and accept that they are loved.  Because of their sensitivity, they can easily become hurt.  They want to feel accepted and may do anything to receive a small amount of attention or affection.


            Blues are precise and clear in their thinking.  From a mental standpoint they are usually in a peaceful and calm state of mind. They focus more on their feelings and emotions than on their thoughts.  It is a task for them to formulate their perceptions into detailed analytical communication.


            Blues usually do not like physical activity or work.  For these sensitive beings the physical world often seems loud, brutal and harsh.  They prefer to reside in their own emotional and spiritual world.  They enjoy casual sports or activities they can practice with friends and family.  These would include walking, swimming and simple games.  Because they are not very physically active and because Blue is the color of expansion, they may easily gain weight.


            If Blues are not living in harmony, they can be dramatic and consuming, constantly looking for someone or some thing to love.  They may see themselves as victims being manipulated and they will be filled with self-pity.  Sometimes they may feel that they have to love in order to feel worthy, and then be loved in return, putting conditions on their love. 


An unbalanced Blue lacks self-confidence and may experience feelings of worthlessness, questioning if they are truly worthy.  If they are told they are loved a hundred times and criticized for something one time, they will remember the criticism.  They may consider themselves responsible for mistakes that did not involve them, taking matters personally and excusing themselves a thousand times.

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            Blues are very spiritual beings.  They believe in God, a Higher Power in the universe.  God, prayer and religion play an important role in their life.  They could not exist without spirituality and a belief that their purpose in life is aligned with it.  For them, Spirituality means living day to day, connected to their inner guidance and intuition.  This is their truth and this is how they are capable of such great love and compassion. They have tremendous faith and trust in God.  In challenging and intense times they are able to connect with their powerful inner source so they can continue to help and support others.  





            Blues enjoy being around people.  They are very social, always concerned about the needs of others.  Blues are found in all areas of society where service and support is needed.  For them, nothing seems like too much if it is enjoyed and appreciated.  It's their outlet for their powerful love and compassion.    


 Blues have life long friends.  Even if they don't often have close physical contact, they are powerfully connected to those they love.  They communicate their love and appreciation on all levels, including the more conventional ones like writing and talking on the phone.


            Blues express the feminine or nurturing Mother Nature.  They balance the active masculine aspect, helping us to integrate both energies in our society and within each of us.





            Living in healthy, harmonious relationships is essential for Blues.  They want to love and to be loved.  Blues make wonderful mates because they love to take care of and support their loved ones.  They create a happy and harmonious life style with their family at the heart.    They may expect their partner to return their love as powerfully and freely, and to be as supportive and caring.  Their challenge may be to understand that other personalities might not understand the strong emotional depth they possess and have different emotional and mental behaviors.


            Blues want to be married and to live in solid family relationships.  Love and affection is more important to them than sex and passion.  Kissing, cuddling and feeling the affection and emotional love of their partner may be more important than sexual excitement and stimulation.  Sex is a deep, emotional and spiritual experience and creates a powerful bond with their partners, whom they often consider to be soul mates.


Blues are loyal and monogamous. Their test is to be aware that if they are too emotionally demanding with their partner, they might push them away.  In disharmonious relationships they have challenges letting go, and remaining independent.  Relationships may provide great challenges for Blues to let go.

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 Blues love the strength of Deep-Reds, the security of Orange-Yellows and the independence of Deep-Greens.   They must insure that they are not being used and that their relationships are based on sensitivity and love.


            Oranges and Blues are the opposite side of the spectrum and therefore can learn tremendously from each other.  Blues relating with Blues can be too emotional where neither one has the power to lead and inspire. Blues love the passion and spirituality of Violets and Lavenders.  Whites and Blues have God and spirituality as a basis for incredible relationships.


 It is important for a Blue to create a spirituality balanced life with a loving sensitive partner.  Then they will live a peaceful, happy and contented life.



CAREER AND FINANCES                   Emotional and spiritual values are far more important to Blues than money, and they play a much larger role in their life than financial issues.  Blues are careful with money and have a rather conservative approach to it.  They need to make sure to cover all their expenses and needs and normally do not take any financial risks.


            Blues make excellent counselors and therapists. They are great listeners and can easily tune into the feelings and thoughts of others.  They love to be of service to others and especially on a one to one basis.  If Blues choose an occupation, which does not offer opportunities that provide avenues to express these powerful qualities they process, they will not be happy.


            In the past Blues may have been found predominately in private or social occupations or in their homes as mothers or housewives.  In the last few decades more opportunities have become available and many Blues have expanded their horizons, going into business careers.  They are loyal, supportive and team oriented.  They lead with a strong team spirit and by their example.  They show others that working together and creating a supportive environment allows a team to thrive, achieving amazing and powerful results.


            Blues solve their challenges by staying calm and going within. They learn to listen to and trust their intuition, dealing with the situation from a place of self empowerment. Because of their strong inner knowledge, Blues usually know what they should do.  Their challenge is to take action and make changes.  Letting go of old habits and patterns and openly embracing new situations is their test.


Blues usually need time to make choices.  But with their intuition they are able to make powerful decisions which are not only valuable for themselves, but to society in general.  When Blues listen to their intuition and take action, they make tremendous growth and will expand their personal goal of self love and self nurturing to serve mankind.


            Some Blue occupations are:  practitioner, caretaker, priest, nun, housewife, mother, child care worker, service personal, social-worker, counselor, teacher, therapist, consultant, healer, secretary, accountant, personal manager and volunteer.



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            To become truly centered, the challenge of Blues is to love themselves unconditionally.  When they overcome their greatest fear of being alone and not being loved, they will express their powerful feelings freely, living a meaningful and fulfilling life.


            It is important for Blues to set boundaries and make clear decisions.  They must learn to express their feelings, say, "No," when it is appropriate and when they need to honor themselves.  Connecting with their personal power and then using it allows them to achieve goals and express even more love.


            Blues need to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.  They need to make willful decisions as to who they want to have as friends and what work environments are acceptable to their well being.  They must learn to protect themselves.


            Blues need a lot of time for themselves. They like being in a quiet atmosphere, listening to harmonious music or just sitting in a peaceful room.  Being alone is empowering and allows them to go within. They love to visit churches or other spiritual power spots to recharge their inner battery and to give them the energy they need to find their purpose in life. Meditation and prayer are the most important and effective tools they can use to achieve inner peace and happiness.  Being around like-minded spiritual people is essential.


            Blues need to constantly be aware of their sensitive emotional body.  Understanding their Mind/Body/Spirit relationship will help them to stay healthy and strong. Their mission is to first empower themselves through self love, and then to set a compelling example to all.